• Leading Enviromental Protection in Malaysia
  • Awarenes of interest to preseve the earth
  • Introduce green house concept

Project 1 : Green Energy

  1. This project will start operation along with Tunku Syed Razman Environmental Foundation officially launched.
  2. Be focus on using of palm oil to more efficient way and producing bio diesel involving several systems and new technologies of recycling by using local equipment.
  3. Research and development for this project collaborate between two nations, Malaysia and Thailand.
  4. The research for this technology also consist from various countries included Europe (British standard), United State of America (ASTM.American Standard) and South East Asia.
  5. This project involve in three main aspect :
    1. Introduction of waste vegetable oil filtration system and application of installation grease trap called ‘Arena Tech Grease Trap’.
    2. The collection of waste vegetable oil from the Arena Tech grease trap will be monitor to make sure that it will well maintain.
    3. Productions of Biodiesel B-100 from the waste vegetable oil which is through the system of Eco-Premium B-100 which is 1st invention in Malaysia.

  6. Objective of this project :
    1. To prevent further pollution waste vegetable oil flow into sewages system created clogged and overflow situation which could cause flood.
    2. To promote ‘Zero Waste’ concept by acknowledge to the public on recycling system to convert into reusable products and gain profitable.
    3. To encourage more production of high quality Biodiesel from waste vegetable oil and apply as fuel usage to reduce the emission of carbon in the air.
    4. Promote this technology towards all nations to reduce the air pollution.

  7. Project involvement :
    1. Tunku Syed Razman Environmental Foundation
    2. Private sector (restaurants, hotels and etc)
    3. Resident area
    4. Local authorities
    5. None Government Organization (NGO)
    6. Related company and association with environmental friendly concept