• Leading Enviromental Protection in Malaysia
  • Awarenes of interest to preseve the earth
  • Introduce green house concept

Project 2 : Exhibition and Convention

  1. To organize exhibition and convention in yearly basis.
  2. Tunku Syed Razman Environmental Foundation will host an exhibition on environmental related throughout the cities for continuous improvement of public awareness.
  3. To gathered related environmental friendly group such as environmental intellectual experts, corporate and representative parliamentary with this constituency and also foreign group for meeting on the issue of preservation on environment.
  4. To increase the awareness and knowledge to our society through the event of exhibition related to green technologies.
  5. To let the public to expose and gain knowledge from the new technologies through the exhibition and also to encourage trade between foreign industries and local industries.
  6. Tunku Syed Razman Environmental Foundation will invite all participation from overseas, locally, government leaders to share opinion for the preservation of environmental in the event of the convention.
  7. Objective of the project :
    1. To host the television program to aware each individual the important of preservation of environment.
    2. To let an opportunity to the public's to enquire and to give opinion for the current environmental issue with the environmental experts.
    3. To share information and technologies to all 1 Malaysians.
    4. To promote our country as one of the nation who care for the environmental and to promote the green technologies.
    5. To introduce Malaysia as one of the country from South East Asia efficiently develop new technologies for the preservation of environment.
  8. Project involvement :
    1. Tunku Syed Razman Environmental Foundation
    2. Environmentalist
    3. None Government Organization (NGO)
    4. Sponsorship by companies and private sector