• Leading Enviromental Protection in Malaysia
  • Awarenes of interest to preseve the earth
  • Introduce green house concept

Project 3 : Environmental Educational Campaign

  1. The operation will involve of schools and higher education institution.
  2. Cooperate with the related government agencies such as Department of Environment and Ministry of Education to educate young generation for preservation knowledge of Mother Nature.
  3. This campaign will allow the younger generation to explore new era of technologies such as solar cell technologies, wind-mill, Biomass and etc.
  4. Campaign such as :
    1. Adaption of summer camp module to create activities of environmental educational learning applies to school holiday break in our country.
    2. Creation of exchange information about environmental within academician abroad or locally.
    3. Green pen competition.
    4. To visit the factory or recycling plant.
    5. Organize the event or showcase for the young talent in the theme of anti-pollution and environmental friendly.
  5. Introduce environmental society that can be adapted at schools as one of the co-curriculums for the student.
  6. Project involvement :
    1. Tunku Syed Razman Environmental Foundation
    2. Ministry of Education and Ministry of Higher Learning Institution
    3. Schools and Higher Institutions