• Leading Enviromental Protection in Malaysia
  • Awarenes of interest to preseve the earth
  • Introduce green house concept

Project 4 : Green Home Concept

  1. To promote of usage on recycled materials for home builders to construct higher quality and environmental friendly residence.
  2. To apply re-energies technologies for the use of electrical without incur of pollution such as :
    1. To apply solar cell system and wind-mill for electrical appliances (example : lighting and water heater).
    2. High definitions of architecture design without consumptions any electrical appliances for internal cooling system (example : green grass roofing).
    3. Material to generate energy will replace by Biomass technologies.
  3. To built a specific area or residence place specifically by using green technologies.
  4. To retreat the waste and garbage by using the new recycled technologies.
  5. To promote the good name of developers or home builders in which participate in this new concept developing in focus of environmental friendly products within domestically or internationally.
  6. Project involvement :
    1. Tunku Syed Razman Environmental Foundation
    2. None Government Organization (NGO)
    3. Developers and home builder