• Leading Enviromental Protection in Malaysia
  • Awarenes of interest to preseve the earth
  • Introduce green house concept

Project 5 : Institution of Green Environmental, Echo Park

  1. This research and development institution is fully to teach in the field of environmental care and new technologies.
  2. This institution consists of laboratory simulation area, training room and planning department.
  3. All new invention and technologies towards environmental friendly will be tested before promote to the public.
  4. This institution will always work together and join participation with institution from the abroad to explore more environmental friendly technologies.
  5. This institution will encourage the society to move forward in the aspect of preservation of environment and also to bring new research and development about green technologies for the benefit to all society.
  6. This institution will increase the numbers of academician into sciences and technologies studies pertaining of preservation of environmental.
  7. Training scheme will be offer to the public and government servant to attend for a special course of learning in recycling aspect.
  8. Project involvement :
    1. Tunku Syed Razman Environmental Foundation
    2. Ministry of Sciences, Technology and Innovation
    3. Ministry of Higher Learning Institution